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7 Health Benefits of Tea that Will Surprise You


For thousands of years, tea has been used as a medicinal beverage for a variety of ailments, but now science is starting to catch up to tradition, with a plethora of new health benefits being discovered. We already know that tea is great for our skin, assists in weight loss, lowers our cholesterol and helps our heart health as well as boosting our immune system. But some of these new findings might surprise you. Even though we always knew tea had powerful healing properties, a few of these surprised us too.

1. Tea helps you to see clearer

The high levels of antioxidants in tea can help to prevent the formation of cataracts in the eye which can otherwise cause blindness or significant vision impairment.

2. Tea helps you calm down and soothes stress and anxiety

The calming properties of tea have long been acknowledged by tea drinkers across the world but now we have proof that the best thing to do after an awful day is have a nice cup of tea. Cortisol is the hormone that is released during stressful periods and it is responsible for accelerated ageing and increased belly fat. Studies have shown that four cups of tea per day can reduce your cortisol levels and help them return to normal after stressful or traumatic events.

3. Tea reduces inflammation throughout your body, improving general health.

The compounds found in tea help to lower the level of inflammation throughout the body. This is extremely beneficial to overall health, as inflammation in some form is connected to almost every health problem, including psychological ailments such as depression.

4. Tea can reduce your allergies

One of the polyphenols found in tea has been shown to help reduce pollen allergies, as has the flavonol quercetin. So if you feel a sneeze coming on, pop the kettle on instead of popping an antihistamine and let the natural qualities of tea soothe your allergies.

5. Tea makes you smarter

It’s no coincidence that avid tea drinkers seem to be just that little bit sharper than their non-tea loving counterparts. The magic combination of the caffeine in tea and the amino acid L-theanine increases memory, focus and concentration while also improving reaction time. It now makes perfect sense that we often produce our best work after a cup of tea.

6. Tea reduces your risk of dementia

Tea not only helps your memory, concentration and focus day to day, it also helps over the long terms, reducing your risk of dementia as you age.

7. Tea reduces your risk of stroke

Another reason to start drinking tea early in life is to protect you against the health problems associated with ageing. Amazingly, studies have found that drinking 3 cups of tea per day reduces your risk of ischemic stroke by a massive 21%.

Just in case you needed any motivation to drink more tea, these fantastic health benefits are a great reason to kick your tea habit up a notch. To stock up on some premium health-giving tea, browse our extensive selection here.