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An Interesting Way To Recycle!


It’s a Sunday afternoon and I am flicking through the channels…a very annoying habit! When I come acrImageoss a british program on tea. Since I am involved in the tea industry it spikes my interest although it was almost over I got interested in what they were saying about the tea industry in Calcutta India and in particular the Chai Wallahs who operate there. These gentlemen serve there tea in little pottery cups that are used once and then thrown away. Ok you might think a waste however the clay is dragged out of the Hooghly River that branches off the Ganges River. The little cups are thrown on a pottery wheel by men from the poorer regions who earn money to support their families. After the cups are used they eventually find their way back to the river where they are broken back down into clay!

Now we do not want to think too hard about the fact that the Ganges River is very dirty and this a subsidiary river so it is probably just as dirty or what exciting bugs we could pick up fom drinking from the cup…good thing tea is healthy….but the way they recycle is just wonderful!

calcutta cup2 calcutta cup