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Coffee vs. Tea: Which is Healthier?


We all love sipping a delicious warm beverage to get us through the day and research has shown us that both tea and coffee have significant health benefits, but which one is better for you? Yes, we may be a little biased towards tea but we promise we’ve compiled this comparison using scientifically proven facts!

Waking you up – Coffee wins

Coffee and tea are both popular breakfast beverages, giving us the morning jolt we need to propel us out the door. The reason why both coffee and tea can help to wake us up in the morning is because of their caffeine content. As you may already know, a cup of coffee contains roughly twice as much caffeine as tea, meaning it is likely to perk you up more effectively in the morning. Although we would suggest that instead of drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, you could just drink two delicious cups of tea for the same amount of caffeine as a coffee and double the enjoyment.

Weight Loss – Tea wins

The good news is that both coffee and tea can play a role in assisting weight loss because of their caffeine content, which has been proven to reduce appetite. However tea is the clear winner in this category, as the combination of EGCG and caffeine in green tea has been shown to increase muscle cell activity and shrink fat cells. In fact, a recent study showed that drinking a cup of green tea every day for three months can remove an inch of fat from the waistline.

Gain Muscle – Coffee wins

Caffeine stimulates your muscle, giving your workout a boost and encouraging muscle gain. As coffee contains a higher level of caffeine, it is better for encouraging muscle gains, although tea still provides a benefit and can boost your workout.

Improve Mood – Tea wins

When it comes to mood, the higher caffeine level of coffee can actually be a hindrance, as excess caffeine can cause anxiety and stress. However, tea can have a very positive effect on mood. Studies have shown that four cups of tea per day can reduce your cortisol levels and help them return to normal after stressful or traumatic events. One study even showed that simply smelling a cup of Jasmine or lavender tea can decrease your heart rate.

General Health – Tea wins

Both tea and coffee have significant benefits to overall health, with coffee decreasing the risk of type two diabetes, heart disease and even skin cancer. However coffee also has some negative health properties, as studies have found it can raise cholesterol and may contain carcinogenic chemicals which are introduced during the roasting process.

Tea however has more health benefits and fewer health risks. The antioxidants in tea, especially green tea have been shown to have various benefits including strengthening the immune system, preventing cancer and type 1 diabetes, reducing inflammation and reducing the risk of dementia and stroke. The only possible health problem associated with drinking tea is caused by drinking tea (or any beverage) which is too hot. However the optimal drinking temperature for tea is 60 degrees, which is safe, healthy and results in the best tea drinking experience.

Tea lovers won’t be surprised to see that tea has the edge over coffee in terms of health benefits. It is also pretty delicious and comes in countless different varieties, making it our ultimate winner. To stock up on more scrumptious, health-giving tea, shop on range of premium teas here.



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