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Cold Brew Iced Tea


We are coming into the summer months and from what we have heard we are in for a hot one. You want to stick to healthy drinks, after all a lot of those so called iced teas are usually full of sugar but who wants to boil a kettle and brew a hot cup of tea? Well did you know that you can cold brew tea just like all those trendy cold brewed coffees you can cold brew tea AND you do not need any fancy equipment.

You might think I can just throw the tea I have left over from breakfast into the fridge and there you go iced tea….no stale cold tea, bitter and definitely not the refreshing drink you were looking for. What you actually want in an iced tea is something as refreshing, complex, delicious and interesting as the hot teas you drink.

Green tea

Placing your tea leaves in cold water and leaving in the fridge overnight or if you can’t wait …for a few hours will leave you with a delicious ice brew without the bitter tannins and remember don’t throw those leaves out because you can use them a second time.

Placing 8 to 12 grams (a good rounded tablespoon) of tea to a litre of water will give you a cold brew. You can do this with any tea below:

White Tea will give you a delicate aromatic tea with a lovely perfume and a touch of creaminess.

Green Tea will give you an iced tea that is all about fresh clean flavours with grassy undertones.

Flavoured green teas are especially delicious with their fruity creaminess and full of antioxidants.

Oolongs are good if you are after darker iced teas that have a crisp clean bite you, will also find notes honey, flowers and cream.

Black teas you will find the tannins more evident and you will probably find that you need to add sugar but at least you can regulate how much you put in or maybe try one of our fruity black teas.



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