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Did someone say cocktails?


By Breana MacPherson-Rice

Summer cocktails in sunset with blur beach on backgroundIt’s quickly creeping up to that time of year – the end is nigh, and in between negotiating busy schedules preparing for the summer, there is a chance to celebrate in the sultry summer afternoons. What better way to get into the party spirit than getting creative with some tea cocktails?

If you haven’t already heard of these, we’ll forgive you for being a little excited. It’s the perfect combination – your favourite teas all dressed up with some choice parings, the perfect take on a punchbowl or drinks for two. Plus, the nutritional goodness of tea is still hanging around, so there’s no need to second-guess this one!

Check out some of our concoctions, or start experimenting with your own favouritespina-colada-ebay!

Tropical Twist

Brew a pot of Pina Colada Green Tea and allow to cool before adding 3 teaspoons of sugar and chilling.

When cool, combine 2 parts tea mixture with 2 parts young coconut juice and 1 part spiced rum.

Serve with pineapple for a light and delicious tropical take on a traditional cocktail!

Chai White Russian

In a saucepan over low heat, brew two heaped teaspoons of our Choc-Chip Chai with a cup of your choice of milk, a few teaspoons of sugar to taste and a little water. Let the flavours steep for some time.

When the milk tea is nice and strong, take off the heat and allow to cool before mixing 3 parts tea with 1 part vodka and 1 part Kahlua. Top with ice and enjoy!


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