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Feeling a little stressed? Have a cup of Chamomile to relax!


**(Do not drink if pregnant Chamomile can cause early labour and miscarriage)**

Chamomile is definitely my “go to” tea. If you have had a bad day, or have  trouble sleeping, after a cup of chchamomile floweramomile you will feel instantly better!

A friend of mine suggested I try this tea after years of suffering with bloating and arthritis. I did a bit of research and was surprised to see the many benefits chamomile had. It’s not just a great tasting tea.

Read on and find out just how amazing this tea is!

Studies show that Chamomile may help with:

  • Sleeping disorders such as Insomnia and Sleep Apnea
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Wounds on the skin
  • Stomach cramps, ulcers and flu
  • Skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and even Chickenpox
  • PMS
  • Indigestion
  • Colic

And it only gets better! You will find numerous home remedies that Chamomile also has to offer.

  • Ear aches – Use teabags as a compress
  • Sore throat – Use a teabag to compress on the neck and drink chamomileChamomile-tea
  • Conjunctivitis such as pink eye – For an eyewash cool tea and use cool tea bags to compress the eye
  • Puffy eyes – Use a cool teabag on your eyes and compress for 10 minutes

It contains an anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and an anti-bacterial agent to reduce pain and calm inflammation within joints and reduce stomach problems including Intestional cramps. Chamomile is an analgesic herb.

On the topic of pain, if you experience frequent headaches or migraines and aren’t a fan of taking medication to reduce that horrible thump. Brew a cup of Chamomile and rest in a dark room surrounded by silence and focus on relaxing and you will notice the irritation will soon subside taking that horrendous ache away!

Also, a Chamomile bath can relieve many symptoms. To make a chamomile bath use half to one cup fresh or dried chamomile tied in a linen bag. Place in your bath with hot water let soak it for 10 minutes. After add cold water to the temperature you prefer. Do not add soap to the chamomile bath.

**(If you have allergies from Pollen or suffer from Hay fever, it would be advised to not drink this tea or to have it in moderation as Chamomole comes from a Daisy flower.)**

I hope you all enjoyed reading about Chamomile and it’s amazing advantages and benefits!