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How To Choose The Right Teapot


Part of the pleasure of indulging in a comforting cup of tea is the accompanying ritual and accessories. All true tea lovers will know the joy of pouring a perfectly brewed, steaming cup of tea from their gorgeous teapot into their favourite teacup. A teapot isn’t just a practical item, it also has considerable aesthetic value and can serve as the centerpiece on you table or a decorative piece on your shelf. However, when choosing a teapot, there is much more to consider than simply how it looks. One should consider which size is needed, how easy it is to hold and pour and the material it is made of. The material makes a big difference to the tea the pot will produce and how it can be used. Here’s the lowdown on the three most popular types of teapots to help you decide which is the best for you.


The main benefit of glass teapots is that you can see what is going on inside of them. This makes them perfect for making blooming tea, or for brewing tea to perfection without a timer. They are usually quite light and easy to pour, making them ideal for those looking for larger pots. However, because of their material they are quite easy to break and can also become stained or greasy. When washing glass pots, apply gentle pressure and use detergent but make sure to rinse it in warm water thoroughly to get rid of all traces of soap.



Ceramic pots have been traditionally used for serving tea for thousands of years because of their natural ability to retain heat and brew tea quickly. You may need to use a timer the first few times you brew tea in a ceramic pot then adjust your brewing time to suit your taste. While the opaque material doesn’t allow you to see the tea inside, it means that the pot can be decorated with designs, allowing you to choose one which suits your personal style.


Cast Iron

Many hard core tea drinkers swear by cast iron teapots because of the way the iron evenly distributes heat around the pot, releasing the flavour of the tea and keeping it hot for at least an hour. They are also pretty much unbreakable, making them perfect for everyday use and many people keep the same cast iron teapot their whole lives. They are usually simpler in design than ceramic pots, making them more practical than decorative. They can also be quite heavy, making them more suited for brewing a couple of cups worth rather than serving guests.



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