Tea Benefits
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Pu-erh Tea And How It Helps You To Lose Weight


With its mellow and earthy flavour Pu-erh Tea has been used for many years to lose weight because of its ability to help us burn fat and lose kilos.pu-erh tea image

The thing to remember with Pu-erh is that it’s not just the drinking of the tea but when you drink it. Drinking it at the correct time will help your body metabolize fat but drinking it at the wrong time is said to actually cause you to gain weight.

When is the best time? You should aim to drink one cup of the tea an hour after a meal, doing so will help your body eliminate hard to digest fats. If you were to drink the tea say half an hour before your meal it will clear the fat deposits from your body making you feel hungry and causing you to eat more.

Like anything in life it is not a quick fix and you need to be persistent, you will not get out of bed in the morning and find you have miraculously dropped all those unwanted kilos but what you will find is that you will have more energy and feel motivated for weight loss.


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