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Spring quencher: Blackcurrant flavoured black tea


Spring has arrBlack_currant 1ived, and with it extended sunny afternoons giving a chance to relax and re-energise! Our blackcurrant tea is the perfect thirst-quencher with an added immune-system boost: brew a cup of this deep fruity tea in the afternoon for a naturally sweet pick-me-up while the sun mellows into dusk.


Blended with black tea, a cup of blackcurrant tea will offer you all the comfort of your traditional favourite with an added fruity edge. Added blackberry leaves are full of vitamin C, naturally restoring your immune system to its peak after a long winter!

The tannins naturally found in the blackberry leaf are known to alleviate mouth and throat inflammations and ease heavy menstrual flow. It is also widely thought that blackberry leaf properties help the maintenance of a healthy digestive tract.


This tea is perfect on its own for a tart, fruity brew. Add milk to reduce the effect of tannins for a more calming cup.

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