Tea Benefits
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Tea Anyone?


As you are bombarded with the latest gadget to pulverize your kale and your other greens into liquid health, take a moment and think how much easier it is to boil a kettle and grab some tea instead. We are all looking for the easiest way to maintain our health and we are slowly getting the message that the soft drinks and energy drinks are not good for us. One of the easiest ways of improving your health is making the change to tea.

Let’s take a look at what this brilliant little leaf can do for you:

Shedding Belly Fat.
We have all heard that our increased girth is very bad for our health; this fat manages to wrap itself around our organs, leading to heart disease and can even lead to cancer. Part of the solution could be stocking your cupboard with some green tea….you may have to actually drink it and not just look at it in the cupboard, to gain the true benefits!

Green tea has been proven to boost your metabolism and since so much of your weight gain is dependent on your metabolic rate, wouldn’t it be great to speed it up with all the effort it takes to drink a cup of tea.

Improving Your Dental Health
We all love that routine visit to the dentist and I don’t know about you BUT every time I walk into his office he gets the drill out. Now if I can drink a cup of green tea and reduce the formation of plaque on my teeth, use the green tea’s catechins to help stop the growth of bacteria in my mouth and maybe reduce the prospect of me adding the second storey addition to his house, I would be a happy little vegemite.

Now the next few benefits:
Improving appearance, Cognitive Function and the risk of Alzheimers.
When I was younger all I had to worry about was where I was going on Saturday night, to listen to the latest band (my hearing is thanking me for that one!), whether I was going to survive at work on 2 hours sleep and whether whoever the latest was, rang me….on my landline with the dial on the front! I was immortal! I will let you in on a little secret….we aren’t, everything catches up. You should see what those ridiculously high heels did to my feet, but I digress….

The hydrating effect of tea combined with polyphenols with their strong anti-aging qualities will help you stay looking young. The amino acid Theanine found in tea has been associated with enhanced cognitive performance and then we have a chemical found in green tea which decreases the build-up of plague in the brain.

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I have to be able to pay for the podiatrists to fix the feet, there’s that trip to dentist and I have been thinking about an extension on the house! DRINK MORE TEA!!