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Matcha Tea

Origins and the Traditional Landscape Green Matcha tea is taking the healthy living world by storm.  The green brew is making a big name outside its old traditional ritual setting and there’s a good health reason for that. But what is exactly Matcha tea and why is it becoming a bit of a present day urban legend in the Tea world? Matcha is made from the Tencha tea leaf, most popularly grown in the southern half of Japan, which is then de-stemmed, de-veined and stone-ground to a very fine dark green powder. To make a Matcha Green Tea, the powder is placed in bowls, mixed with warm water and whisked with a traditional bamboo whisk. Health Benefits of Matcha Tea Everyone in healthy lifestyle and conscious living circles is talking about the benefits of the tea. In recent years, normal green tea had already been recognised for its health properties, most popular being its anti-oxidising, cancer-fighting and weight-loss properties. What makes Matcha Tea so remarkable is the way it is harvested and processed Matcha Tea: …


The Correct Storage of Your Tea

Storing your tea is very important. You have gone and bought yourself some lovely premium teas and due to improper storage you find your favourite cup of tea turns into something truly awful! So how do you store your favourite teas so they remain fresh and flavourful as possible?  There are 5 things that can rapidly affect your tea. LIGHT Your teas should be stored in a dark place and although it is popular to store them in a clear glass jar, so you can see how pretty they are, sunlight and UV rays can degrade your teas very quickly. Teas will lose their flavour and aroma very quickly when exposed to sunlight. AIR Not storing your teas in an airtight container increases the risk of your teas absorbing moisture or unpleasant odours. HEAT You should avoid storing your teas in direct sunlight. Other warm places should also be avoided such as near your stove, toaster or oven. Heat also removes the flavour and aroma of your tea and will increase the chances of your …


Feeling a little stressed? Have a cup of Chamomile to relax!

**(Do not drink if pregnant Chamomile can cause early labour and miscarriage)** Chamomile is definitely my “go to” tea. If you have had a bad day, or have  trouble sleeping, after a cup of chamomile you will feel instantly better! A friend of mine suggested I try this tea after years of suffering with bloating and arthritis. I did a bit of research and was surprised to see the many benefits chamomile had. It’s not just a great tasting tea. Read on and find out just how amazing this tea is! Studies show that Chamomile may help with: Sleeping disorders such as Insomnia and Sleep Apnea Stress and Anxiety Wounds on the skin Stomach cramps, ulcers and flu Skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and even Chickenpox PMS Indigestion Colic And it only gets better! You will find numerous home remedies that Chamomile also has to offer. Ear aches – Use teabags as a compress Sore throat – Use a teabag to compress on the neck and drink chamomile Conjunctivitis such as pink eye – For …


Teas That Bloom!

Our handcrafted blooming teas are teas that literally bloom as they infuse. These blooms are a combination of white tea and various flowers. They start out as white tea and our tea company uses highly skilled women who take the delicate white tea leaves and combine them with dried flowers such as Jasmine, Lily, Amaranth and Marigolds to produce wonderful tea balls. This process is all carried out by hand and very labour intensive. How do they work? During the process of gathering the white tea leaves together and binding them with the dried flowers, small pockets of air are left. When the blooms are placed in hot water to infuse, the air in the spaces expands forcing the bloom to open.


White Tea …….Surprisingly Light, Refreshing and Very Healthy

White Tea is a beautifully light tea to drink, low in caffeine and high in anti-oxidants. This tea is from the camellia sinensis plant and classed as a true tea it goes through very little processing and is highly prized by tea connoisseurs the world over. Forget the cuppa with milk and two sugars this tea is not like any tea you have had, when infused correctly it is light and refreshing with none of the heaviness or bitterness found in more conventional teas. It is perfect for almost everyone because of its low caffeine and has enormous health benefits. White Tea is full of anti-oxidants, green tea is very well-known for being full of anti-oxidants but white tea has even more of them. To put it simply the anti-oxidants get rid of the bad stuff and neutralizes toxins in our body…the more we drink the more it can keep us from getting sick! This wonderful tea can also help lower your blood pressure and help with the health of your arteries. It is also …


Japanese Tea Ceremonies

In keeping with our new Japanese tea pots and washi canisters I thought I would look into tea in Japan, however before I do that it made me think of the Australian Tea Ceremony! What is the Australian tea ceremony you ask….it is taking a battered old billy can with a thin wire handle and lid, bringing it to the boil over an open fire, throwing a fistful of tea in for each person and one for the pot when it comes to the boil. Leave the billy can over the fire for a minute and then take you hat or some other insulating material and after taking the tin off the fire with a stick grab the handle with you hat and swing it around in a big circle about three times so that all the tea leaves will go to the bottom and you don’t have to strain them through your teeth as you try to drink them from your tin cup. Mmmm Japanese formality or fair dinkum Aussie billy tea. I think …


The Benefits of Oolong Tea

What is Oolong? From the Camellia sinensis plant it is the same as your white, green and black teas, the difference being in the processing of the tea. Oxidation is halted in green tea by lightly heating the freshly picked leaves, while allowing the leaves to oxidize for a short time produces oolong tea. If the leaves are allowed to oxidize further it produces black tea. So to put it simply green tea is un-oxidized, oolong tea is semi-oxidized and black tea is fully oxidized. The Health Benefits of drinking Oolong. Cardiovascular Benefits: If you consume oolong on a regular basis it is known to reduce your cholesterol levels reducing your risk of a heart attack. You need to drink 1 to 6 cups per week to lower you risk of cardiovascular disease. Combating Free Radicals: Poly phenols found in oolong tea get rid of the free radicals from our bodies and in the process slow down the aging process. Helps With Weight Loss: Oolong tea enhances the metabolism of fat in the body. It …


Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea bags

Which should you go with? iTea only uses premium tea for our small range of Pyramid bags so you are safe with either when you purchase from us. The tea that you find in commercial brand supermarket brands and loose leaf tea come from the same plant but there are several things that affect the quality and taste of your final cup of tea. The premium tea that we use for our white, green or black tea is from the Camellia sinensis plant’s hand-picked buds, whole tea leaves, large pieces of leaves or a combination of both. And like a fine wine it is affected by where it is grown, soil conditions and the time of year. The tea that you find in the off the supermarket shelf tea usually is smaller pieces of leaves or fannings (also referred to as dust). Many years ago when I first met my husband I went into David Jones to purchase some tea for my husband as a gift. His father had been a tea planter before he …


What’s in the cup of our Winter Olympians?

Our Australian Winter Olympians have arrived in Sochi Russia which I find is Russia’s main area for tea production. The vicinity of Sochi holds the world’s northernmost tea plantations. Believe it or not the traditional black tea of Russia includes the type known as Russian Caravan which was originally imported from China via camel caravans. The trip from China to Russia usually took 16 to 18 months and the tea gained its distinctive smoky flavour from the caravan’s campfires. By 1925 the caravans were no longer used for transportation as the tea could be transported faster by train. Nowdays the tea gets the smoky flavour after fermentation or is a keemun or a black or oolong from China with a hint of smoky Lapsang Souchong. Tea in Russia is not your usual Aussie brew, the tea in Russia is produced using a two step brewing process.  The tea concentrate is first prepared in a small teapot or Samovar where a quantity of dry tea enough for several people is brewed. Once the concentrate is prepared …


The Discovery of Lemongrass and Ginger Tea

When I first heard about Lemongrass and Ginger Tea it was due to my parents having the flu while they were on a trip and the nurse brought them some teabags over to help shift the congestion on their chests. My parents swore it was a miracle cure and every time someone in my family had a cold they would make the suggestion of the lemongrass and ginger tea. When we became more involved in the wonderful world of tea we discovered many new things including how wonderful lemongrass is for you. Apart from being widely used for relieving certain respiratory conditions such as laryngitis and sore throats it also can be used to reduce high fevers. Lemongrass is also know as a pain reliever and muscle relaxant useful for relieving pain such as abdominal pain, headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, digestive tract spasms, and muscle cramps. The relaxation properties can be helpful to relieve insomnia. Lemongrass contains antioxidants that due to their detox properties can help maintain the health of both the liver and …