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4 Surprising Ways to Cook with Tea

Although we all think of tea first and foremost as a delicious warm beverage, it is in fact a type of herb, just like basil, mint and rosemary. This means that it can be used to add flavor and dimension to dishes, just like any other herb. Any tea lover who has yet to try their hand at incorporating tea leaves into their cooking is missing out big time on what this versatile leaf has to offer. But never fear, we have compiled a list of easy ways to start cooking with tea leaves. Chicken Noodle Soup – Green Tea Image Chicken noodle soup has long been the go-to meal for those recovering from a cold or flu and the addition of green tea only serves to enhance the medicinal qualities of this comforting soup. All you need to do is replace the water you would usually use for the broth with brewed green tea. Then simply make the soup as you usually would and enjoy the new flavour dimension. The green tea cuts through …


Cold Brew Iced Tea

We are coming into the summer months and from what we have heard we are in for a hot one. You want to stick to healthy drinks, after all a lot of those so called iced teas are usually full of sugar but who wants to boil a kettle and brew a hot cup of tea? Well did you know that you can cold brew tea just like all those trendy cold brewed coffees you can cold brew tea AND you do not need any fancy equipment. You might think I can just throw the tea I have left over from breakfast into the fridge and there you go iced tea….no stale cold tea, bitter and definitely not the refreshing drink you were looking for. What you actually want in an iced tea is something as refreshing, complex, delicious and interesting as the hot teas you drink. Placing your tea leaves in cold water and leaving in the fridge overnight or if you can’t wait …for a few hours will leave you with a delicious …


Blueberry Iced Tea

Quite often I take samples of our Turkish Apple tea to the markets I do so that people get a chance to try it. I take it cold and people really find it very refreshing. The other day I was looking for recipes for ice tea that I could try and came across one for blueberry iced tea I gave it a few tweaks and was really happy how it ended up and the kids liked it also. So if you would like to give it a go here’s what you will need: The small packet of frozen blueberries from the supermarket I think it’s about 250gms. The juice from 2 lemons. 4 iTea English Breakfast Pyramid Bags about 1/2 cup of sugar…that was to my taste. 4 cups of water. ice Put the blueberries and lemon juice into a small saucepan and bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 5 mins. Remove from heat and pour through a fine sieve and squeeze out as much as possible with the back of …


Party Ideas With A Difference

Want to make you next party really special? Whether it is a birthday party or a lovely bridal shower a tea party can make it a really special event. Have you ever thought how often you’ve seen children playing with a tea set, why not a tea party for a kid’s birthday party? Invite her friends over for a day of dress up and tea. Set a table, add some little cakes and sandwiches and of course some lovely caffeine free rooibos tea. Strawberry cream or orange sunburst, children will love the fruity flavours on offer. Why not consider having a Mother/Daughter tea party this mother’s day it is a great way to spend quality time together. For the bride to be or the mother to be, having a tea party for your bridal or baby shower is a novel idea. There are beautiful white teas that are light and delicate or chose one of the other hand blended teas that iTea range offers. To make it a real event try our range of blooming …


The craft of making our Artisan Blooming Teas.

“From the lush tea gardens of the Fujian Province to your teapot.” Blooming teas combine the features of colour, smell and flavour of both White Tea and various flowers. Our blooming teas start from the lush tea gardens of Fujian. The tender leaves are picked, processed carefully in our factory into white tea which is known the world over for its high levels of anti-oxidants. Once this process is finished the next step is to make the individual blooming teas, this is done by our team of artisan craft women. The process of making the Blooms. Blooming teas combine the flavour of flowers with the delicate flavour of white tea. The tea buds hug the flower in the middle to unfurl when brewed. These flowers can be different but at iTea we have chosen Jasmine, Lily, Amaranth & Marigold as the base flowers. After picking the fresh flowers, they are dehydrated (naturally and by machine) before the next step. The flower is picked at its peak to ensure the best quality blooming tea is produced. …


Mini Facial

Freshening Your Face Dried, uninfused teas are also a wonderful beauty and hygiene source. Creative soap makers have for years incorporated tea leaves in their bars of soaps because they can help slough off dried skin, deodorize, and leave you smelling yummy with skin that’s as soft as a baby’s. Crushing tea leaves in a heavy face cream is a mild but effective way to give you a mini facial. By making circling motions with the cream you can polish your skin and make it appear younger and fresher. Simply rinse off thoroughly with tepid water and pat dry very lightly or allow the water to evaporate naturally. You can also use this method on your feet with or without a pumice stone to slough off calluses or other rough spots.Use a very thick cream for a “rougher” more effective product.