Tea Benefits
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Teas That Can Be Used As Natural Remedies


Drinking tea in general has many health benefits. Tea drinkers have been found to have a lower rate of diabetes, the compounds found in tea help to lower the risk of diabetes.

chamomile tea  Chamomile Tea: May help to control blood sugar levels. Drinking a cup morning and evening can help relieve stomach and intestinal cramps. The tea can be used as a home remedy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Drinking Chamomile Tea may be helpful if consumed at the onset of a migraine headache.

hibiscus tea Hibiscus Tea:  Sipping this tea has been found to help in lowering blood pressure. It canalso stimulate weight loss, boost your immune system due to high levels of vitamin C and reduce the intensity of hot flashes. Skin conditions and dandruff can also benefit from Hibiscus Tea.

Cautions: Hibiscus tea should not be consumed by pregnant women. People with Hypertension or low blood pressure should also not rink hibiscus tea.

passionflower  Passionflower: This tea has been used by the ancient Aztecs and also in World War II as a truth serum due to its natural sedative properties. Native American also used passionflower for its sedative and pain relieving properties.  Passionflower is the herbal tea to go to for relieving stress and anxiety, symptoms of menopause and ADHD. It is now known that it can improve your sleep due to the combination of chemical compounds that have a calming effect. To improve your sleep drink it an hour before you go. Pure Relaxing  is a lovely calming blend with passionflower.

jasmine green teaJasmine Green Tea: The aroma from both Jasmine tea and lavender can lower the heart rate, calm your mood, lower stress induced high blood pressure and risk of stroke.

rosehip teaRosehip Tea: This tea is a good source of vitamin C and will also boost your immune system. The tea can help with a reduction of fat storage and the accumulation of fat in cells. Rose hip is also high in both vitamin C which boosts your immune system and vitamin A which helps the body fight off bacterial and viral infections.

matcha teaMatcha Green Tea: This tea will boost memory and your concentration. Drinking Matcha will help with relieving stress and inducing a calm mood. Another benefit of drinking this tea is that it increases your energy levels and endurance which is why Japanese Samurai drank it before going into battle

ginger teaGinger Tea:  helps to lower inflammation, relieve nausea and fight respiratory problems.

Green Tea: drinkers of green tea have lower rates of Alzheimer’s and Dementia