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The Correct Storage of Your Tea


Shuto Green 200g CanisterStoring your tea is very important. You have gone and bought yourself some lovely premium teas and due to improper storage you find your favourite cup of tea turns into something truly awful!

So how do you store your favourite teas so they remain fresh and flavourful as possible? 

There are 5 things that can rapidly affect your tea.


Your teas should be stored in a dark place and although it is popular to store them in a clear glass jar, so you can see how pretty they are, sunlight and UV rays can degrade your teas very quickly. Teas will lose their flavour and aroma very quickly when exposed to sunlight.


Not storing your teas in an airtight container increases the risk of your teas absorbing moisture or unpleasant odours.


You should avoid storing your teas in direct sunlight. Other warm places should also be avoided such as near your stove, toaster or oven. Heat also removes the flavour and aroma of your tea and will increase the chances of your premium teas taking on moisture.


Tea’s ability to absorb fragrance is handy when you are creating teas such as Jasmine but not so good when you have stored your teas next to the onions and you now have an onion infused tea! When storing your teas you need to keep them away from areas of strong odours such as your spice cabinet, your kitchen tidy, your fridge or other areas which may have strong smells.


One of teas worst enemies is moisture which can ruin tea leaves within minutes.Due to the fact that tea leaves are completely dried this also means that they absorb moisture very quickly and easily. When storing your tea it then becomes very important to store your tea leaves away from any moisture source. Moisture will cause mould to for, tea leaves to cake or other unpleasant results, they should only be exposed to water when you are about to infused the leaves and enjoy a cup of your favourite tea.

iTea has a selection of tea storage canisters to suit any decor:



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