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The craft of making our Artisan Blooming Teas.


“From the lush tea gardens of the Fujian Province to your teapot.”

Blooming teas combine the features of colour, smell and flavour of both White Tea and various flowers. Our blooming teas start from the lush tea gardens of Fujian. The tender leaves are picked, processed carefully in our factory into white tea which is known the world over for its high levels of anti-oxidants. Once this process is finished the next step is to make the individual blooming teas, this is done by our team of artisan craft women.

The process of making the Blooms.

Blooming teas combine the flavour of flowers with the delicate flavour of white tea. The tea buds hug the flower in the middle to unfurl when brewed. These flowers can be different but at iTea we have chosen Jasmine, Lily, Amaranth & Marigold as the base flowers. After picking the fresh flowers, they are dehydrated (naturally and by machine) before the next step. The flower is picked at its peak to ensure the best quality blooming tea is produced.

The next step is BINDING the flower to the tea. When we are satisfied with the quality of the flowers we combine it with our select white tea. These are bundled at the bottom (as shown in the picture) the flower is then placed in the middle and covered with the tea and sewn together. This is a labour intensive process that gives the uniqueness to the blooming tea.

The secret of blossoming Teas…

During the production process, some tiny spaces are left especially between petals, tea buds and flowers. As the tea is brewed the air in those spaces will expand because of the heat and the flowers unfurl to create a beautiful tea experience that not only is it a great talking point but also a lovely tea to sip in the company of friends and family. Our artisan blooming teas are terrific for wedding receptions, bridal parties or as an unusual place setting for dinner parties.