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The humble black tea


Black tea is easily to be forgotten these days, a distant memory nestled away somewhere with your grandmother and her biscuits. With the increased popularity and range of herbal and green teas, this humble tea is often overlooked for more exotic options. However, we feel black tea has a lot to offer and shouldn’t be neglected on your next tea purchase.

Black tea has been enjoyed by cultures around the world from as early as 2700 BC in ancient China. It has a bold, earthy flavour as well energizing effects. Distinct from green and white teas, black tea is allowed to oxidise or ferment for some time following harvest. This is what gives it such a rich flavour profile.

Along with its full bodied flavour, black tea has a range of health benefits that should not be overlooked. It is calorie free and packed with plenty of caffeine to help energise you in the morning. Perhaps next time you need a coffee, try black tea instead as each serving contains on average 50- 70 mg of caffeine. Read more about the relative benefits of coffee and tea here.

Research has also shown that people who drink black tea on a regular basis have a greater bone density than those who do not. Therefore black tea may help offset osteoporosis and provide relief from arthritis.

When brewing your black tea, try to use extremely hot water, around 95 C – just off the boil. Steep your black tea for 3-5 minutes, for the perfect tea, pay attention to the taste, not the colour. When the tea tastes right, serve it with milk and sugar or enjoy it all on its own.

The correct storage of your black tea should not be ignored, as all tea has a finite shelf life. Store your black tea in a cool, dry place, away from moisture, other foods and air. Ensure the container is airtight and opaque. A tin is best as it protects the tea from the light.

From health benefits to rich earthy flavours, the classic black tea really is drink not to be ignored. Check out our range of premium black teas and tea accessories here to ensure you get the best cup, every time. Happy sipping!

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